CourseMy Best Year Ever – Reaching Goals Through Habits

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Have you started each year with the best intentions, only to abandon your resolutions and goals, again and again?

This is the course that'll get you back on track. For good.

You're not alone. 60% of people who make New Years Resolutions abandon them within six months.

And 88% fail by the end of the year.

It's not your fault.

Most of us have no idea what we've been doing wrong.

It seems like it should be common sense, but it isn't.

My Best Year Ever course - Succeed with your goals by developing habits that stick.

It's time for a change!

What are your goals?

  • Are you ready to finally get rid of the clutter in your house?
  • Is it time to put things away as you go instead of letting them pile up?
  • Do you want to adopt a cleaning routine so you never have to "catch up" again?
  • Want to move more, make better food choices, get healthier?
  • Is this the year you'll dig out of debt and develop responsible spending skills?
  • Do you need to appreciate the moment, be more mindful, or default to gratitude?

We are what we repeatedly do - Aristotle

Habits are the answer.

In order to have our Best Year Ever, to actually achieve the goals we set out to reach... we need to develop habits effectively and efficiently.

But if it were easy, if it were common sense, or intuitive, we would've done it by now.

I've figured it out.

I've done all the research, and I've put it into practice in my own life. And one by one, I'm developing the habits I need to have to support the priorities in my life!

I've successfully gone from being a sloppy "piler" (seriously - see the video for proof) to someone who puts things back where they belong and keeps a tidy house without thinking about it.

And I'll share with you exactly the methods and techniques to help you succeed with whatever habits you need to create in your life.

This is the course that will guide you through overcoming your past failures, setting goals, and achieving those goals through effective habit development.

Included in My Best Year Ever:

10 video lessons

Lesson 1: Goal Brainstorming

Lesson 2: Getting Past Failure

Lesson 3: Setting Big Goals

Lesson 4: Breaking Down Your Goals

Lesson 5: Habit Analysis

Lesson 6: Creating Your Habit Plan

Lesson 7: Your Anti-Sabotage Plan

Lesson 8: Questions to Ask Yourself

Lesson 9: The ONE Next Thing

Lesson 10: Following Up

11 printable worksheets

My Best Year Ever course comes with 11 printable worksheets to keep you on track.

A month of email support for your check-ins from me, Emily.

2 BONUS episodes of HHRadio - my Homemaking podcast

Get two bonus episodes of HHRadio podcast with the My Best Year Ever course on goal achievement through habit development.

Thanks to MBYE, I dare say a habit has been officially created! Every night, we tidy up the kitchen, may not be 100% but at least the dishes are done. So tonight, at 845pm, we took 10 minutes and did our mess quickly. Even got to baking soda and vinegar the sinks for overnight!

Thank you.

- Natalie in Nova Scotia, Canada

Are you ready to achieve your goals by creating habits that stick?

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